September 11, 2008

We need a new fence

Today some little girls, who live on the other side of our backyard fence, snuck through the big gap between the slats and asked if they could play in our backyard. The girl that asked, said that her mom was in the hospital and really wanted her to do something (like play in a strangers backyard?). Weird. I really wanted to say no, because I hate when people just use you for your stuff. We have a see-saw and a tire swing is all, but I guess if you have nothing, it looks like alot of fun. I also thought they could get hurt and it would be my fault or they might break our things and I would be really mad (we're supposed to break our things). I said "yes" because I'm a total push-over.
Later, I saw them eating peaches from our tree. I went outside and asked her if she had any food in her house. She said that she didn't. I picked her a bunch of pears. Then, I gave her some candy in a little bag and told her to take them home and share them with her brothers and sisters. She seemed very excited. I had the feeling, she was taking care of herself. Where were the adults? I remembered that we also had some yummy grapes growing on our vine and took some to her over the fence. When I saw her, she was totally pigging out on the pears. I felt so bad for her. She was eating like a she had been starving.
I was happy that she had some food, but I really hope she doesn't come over everyday wanting to play in my backyard. I hope her mom comes home and feeds her and hugs her and loves her.

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