April 2, 2010

Dad's Birthday and Goofy Glasses

My dad turned 58 on March 30th. My dad is an amazing person. He has always shown me how much he cares about me. He is the kind of dad you can talk to about pretty much anything. He has a very tender heart when it comes to his family and I really have appreciated it throughout the years. You're awesome Dad!

We had dinner at my parent's house on the Sunday before his birthday to celebrate his and Phil's (March 12, the big 30). My mom got the kids some pipe cleaners to play with after dinner. Olivia made a pair of glasses for almost everyone. What a sweetie! Don't we look amazing in them?

The creative oneMe and AdriThe Birthday Boy!

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Dee Ice Hole said...

Looks like you had a good time at your parents house. I bet they loved having you there too.