March 17, 2010

Compassionate One

Olivia is the sweetest thing sometimes. Here are two of the things she has done lately that tell me I have a sensitive soul for a daughter....

This is a picture I found taped to our front door with a pencil attached. You are supposedd to sign the paper if you want to help her save the earth. No one but me signed it, and this made Olivia very upset. She thought by the end of the day the paper would be full of signatures. I had to explain to her that only the mail man comes to our door and he's in a hurry. This didn't make her feel any better.

This is a picture of a book Olivia checked out from the school library. It is a story of a slave named Henry who had had his wife and children sold to someone else, while he was working in a tobacco leaf factory for his master. Henry was so upset and decided he would escape slavery by mailing himself to a different state in a wooden crate. He succeeded in doing that and was thereby known as Henry "Box" Brown. Olivia thinks he is amazing and feels so bad for him. His birthday is March 30th, the same day as my dads. She has decided we should celebrate Henry's birthday as well.<

What a thoughtful little girl. I am so proud of her for her efforts in trying to make the world a better place.


Holly said...

She's so cute!

Inklings said...

That is so cute. She's a sweet girl!