March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Mamacita!

I have such a wonderful mother. She is a very kind, generous person. She raised seven weird kids. On top of that, she is magic; everything she touches becomes a beautiful work of art!

I have always been proud to call her my mother. When I was little I wanted all the kids at school to see her because I thought she was the prettiest mom. The most embarassing thing she did was help me make my school projects too awsome or glittery and I didn't like the attention because I was shy. When I was a teenager I wanted all my friends to meet her because I thought she was the coolest mom. She let me set my own curfew. she trusted me which was nice. She would talk to my friends like they were real people. And now that I'm a mom I want her to know how much I appreciate the person she is because she showed me how to be a good mom.

I love you Mom,

Happy Birthday!

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