March 18, 2009

A Beachy Wedding Vacation Part 1

So, just to let everyone know, Emmett passed his stone! All is well again.

We just returned from northern California. We were there for Emmett's brother's wedding. We traveled with one of Emmett and Joel's good friends, Jon, and his adorable family. We all stayed the night at Em's stepdad's house in Portola, California, just one hour outside of Reno. We stopped along the way to see Emmett's mother's grave. We arrived to the coast at about 4:00PM just in time for the wedding rehersal dinner. It was fun because Jon had never seen the ocean before. I could not believe the sun was shining. In the ten years I have been going there, I have never seen the sun shine while at the beach. It was so awsome and so beautiful. I was glad Jon got to see it that way first. Jon and Emmett
Our kids had such a fun time playing on the beach with their cousins and Jon's kids while everyone was getting things ready for the wedding.
Jon's wife Codee

Jon and Codee's kids, Aysia and Dempsee
Codee and Jon
Shaonna and Joel
Erika saying the prayer
Dempsee, Aysia, Olivia, and Carina
Sara and Erika (little sisters)
Aaron, Ethan, Leon, Jonah and Joel's son, Rian
Mark (Em's stepdad), Eva (Em's stepmom), Joel, and Em's Dad
Em and May(big sister)
The wedding was cold and rainy. It wasn't too bad though. The real rain held out until the reception, which was indoors in a beach house. They had tons of abalone shells with candles in them. We got to keep and abalone shell because Olivia was a flower girl and they put petals in them for her to throw. They're so pretty! Em's sister Erika did a prayer before the ceremony in the Hoopa language. It was really neat. It was a nice wedding I really enjoyed it. It was especially fun being with all of Emmett's family in one place. That doesn't happen often enough. Congrats Joel and Shaonna!

To be continued.......


Holly said...

so sad about Emmett, but the wedding looks fun!

Native Minnow said...

A stone? As in kidney stone? Yikes.

The wedding pics looked nice. Jon looks good. So does Joel. I'm happy for him. I miss all of you.

Briana Ward said...

I am so glad that Emmett is better! Wow, what beautiful pictures. it sounds like you guys had a fabulous time!