February 7, 2009

She drives me crazy!

My daughter!!! Olivia is a very sweet and loving girl, but she has the most mischevious side to her. My mom and I and all three of my kids went to see my ailing grandpa (my dad's dad) and my 95 year old grandma(my mom's mom) last night. My grandpa has a catheter because he can't get out of bed and of course Olivia sees this bag of yellow liquid and starts poking at it and asking what it is. AHHHHHH!!!!I went and grabbed her and took her out of the room and told her that I would tell her later! I never did.

We went to my grandma's house right after and had interupted her dinner. She had been eating in the living room while watching T.V. so she had left her plate of food on a side table by the chair. Granted my kids were really hungry, but when I saw Olivia sneak a noodle of her plate with her bare hands I almost died! My grandma is very in to being polite and so am I, but you wouldn't know it from the way Olivia works! I really hope my grandma didn't notice.

I don't know why I'm always shocked when the person who asked the teenage boy working the checkout stand if he was a boy or a girl(eventhough he was obviously a boy), or the person who told my dad he was too furry and should shave his arms, or the person who told her uncle his hair made him look like a girlie-man, is going to do things like this!


Briana Ward said...

Don't you just love kids :) My little sister Molly one time in sacrament meeting yelled out really loudly "Jesus is not a pig" we had been reading a story with pigs and who knows what she was thinking. Lorenzo also asked the babysitter once why his belly was so fat. I almost died.

Native Minnow said...

Once I walked up to a guy who'd had a tracheotomy and had one of those electronic voice boxes he held up to his throat and asked, "Hey Mister, are you from outer space?"