November 8, 2008

So Sweet!

Jonah: "Mom I'm going to marry you when I'm big."

Me: "Jonah, that's sweet but I'm already married to Dad."

Jonah: "UUUHHH!"

Me: "Jonah, I'll always be your mom."

Jonah: "Can I marry you after Daddy?"

Me: "Jonah, you don't marry your mom. You marry a girl you think is pretty."

Jonah: "I can't find any pretty girls!"

Me: "You will when your big."

Jonah: "Can I marry the prettiest girl?"

Me: "You can marry the prettiest and the nicest girl. You get to pick."

Jonah: "OK! Mommy, will I be as big as you someday?"

Me: "Yes, you'll probably even be bigger than Daddy!"

Jonah: "OK, but I can't get too big or I'll smash the house!"

Can we just freeze Jonah in time? I'm really going to miss these conversations.


Native Minnow said...

That is so freakin' adorable. Kind of like the time when my nephew told my sister that he wanted her to marry me.

Laura said...

What a cutie!

Side note, did you get my email about Sat. the 22nd?