November 13, 2008

I love you, but.......

I was telling Ethan how much I love him the other day and this is what I get....

Me: "Ethan do you know how much I love you?"

Ethan "Uh hu."

Me: "I just love you so super much!"

Ethan: "I know!"

Me: "Do you love me too?"

Ethan: "Yes, me...want to...throw-up."

Me: "I make you want to THROW-UP?"

Ethan: "Well, just sometimes. Like when you danced with me in Home Depot and then held my hand and ran through the parking lot saying, "whoo hoo". That...well...kind of made I wanted to...throw...up."

Me: "O...K. But, you love me though, right?"

Ethan: "Yes, I DO love you, Mom."

(You just make me want to puke) If he wasn't already so strange I would be offended by this. But, knowing what I know about my crazy kid, I know he loves me.

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