October 3, 2008

WARNING: This is a Rant. Enter at your own risk.

Yesterday, we went to the elementary school's carnival. I wished so badly I hadn't. The kids at that school are CRAZY! The parents are even CRAZIER! Emmett was there with us at the begining, but then had to go to work. While he was there he said, "You can almost understand why some people don't like kids." I couldn't believe that I agreed with him....

The girl who is soaking wet from the dunking booth that walks right in front of you while your standing in line and YELLS: "OH! MY! GOSH! WE HAVE TO FIND FIONA GUYS!!!! Like if they didn't find Fiona the world would come crashing down on their prepubesant little heads. And then she runs off splashing water on you from her wet,way to long pants. I couldn't believe how many junior high stundents were at the kiddie carnival. There was a boy and girl there, he was at least a head shorter than her hugging her around the waist from the back. He tried to put his hands up higher, but she casually grabs both of them and acts like she's enjoying his company. It made me want to throw up! I thought of going up to him and saying, "Take your damn hands of her!" EW!

I DID turn into a monster a few times when kids were butting in front of us everytime we were patiently waiting in line. There was one little kid I actually physically held back so that he didn't butt in front of Ethan. I told him he was butting and he needs to go to the back of the line and wait like everyone else! He didn't speak english, I don't think. His mom was right there too. The biggest thing I hate about my nieghborhood and the kid's school, is that no one seems to care that their kids are bullies or say crude things or run around all by themselves across busy streets. I look out for these kids and I don't even know them. The good parents around here are defineatly lacking, at least MY version of a "good" parent.

Anyway, I guess I just had to rant a little. I just know that I turn way mean when I go to these things. I don't even recognize myself! I guess I should just be grateful that there were no clowns!

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Laura said...

I feel your pain! I went to Lagoon with my family this summer and it was 9th grade Lagoon day, the kids had such foul mouths and there was so much groping and sex talk. I almost went up to a boy and yelled at him cause he was groping a girl and she kept telling him to stop it. I was too chicken to say anything, but I should have.

What is our world coming to?