October 22, 2008

Chinese Water Dragon Fever!

Ethan is totally obsessed with reptiles and amphibians. Right now the Chinese Water Dragon is at the top of his list. I'm a little worried about him. You know how most kids get addicted to video games; well, Ethan is addicted to watching lizard videos and pictures on the internet. When you type in anything that starts with the letter "L" the website for "Lizard Lounge" pops-up.

The other day Ethan says: "Mom, I want a TODDLER Chinese Water Dragon but I ordered an ADULT one from Santa on my Christmas list. What do I do?"

What does he think? You just place your order to Santa and then your order is delivered on Christmas? I must be doing something wrong. No. Let's blame Emmett for this one.

A couple of weeks ago Ethan tells me that he is moving to China for the Chinese Water Dragons and chicken dumplings. He said not to worry he WILL see us again. On our birthdays.

It cracks me up. He tries to breathe like them and acts out the things they do. He makes fun of other kids who do not know as much about lizards as he does. "Mom, Jared thought Kimodo Dragons were the only dragons. He thought there was only one kind. He didn't know about all the other kinds like Bearded Dragons, Chinese Water Dragons, and Australian Water Dragons."

That Jared must be an idiot! (J/K)

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Native Minnow said...

Sounds like that Jared kid is almost as dumb as Jared from Subway.