August 24, 2008

Weird Kid

So, Ethan is a pretty strange kid, as most people know. For those of you who don't, here are two recent examples:

Me: "Ethan, what are you doing with those two GIGANTIC leaves?"

Ethan: "I want to make a loin cloth with them."

Me: "Ummmm, OK."

So i get some ribbon and put it through the leaves and then I tie it around his shorts, so that one is in the front and one is in the back. Then I go back downstairs to watch T.V.

A short time later......

Olivia: "EWWW! GROSS! Eww, that is so GROSS!!"

Me: "What's going on up there?"

Olivia: "Ethan is like all naked essept for some leafs!!!"

Me: "Ethan, put some clothes on. That is NOT appropriate."

Ethan: "I just wanted to look like a REAL indian."

Me: "Ethan, indians wore diaper like things, you're more doing the Adam and Eve thing."

Ethan: "OK, I'll get dressed!!"

This is the other goofy thing (he had done this the day before and to punish him, I told him it was going on either mine or Emmett's blog. He didn't care.)

So, the other day I hear all of my kids laughing their heads off in the bathroom. I went to investigate and I find that Ethan has drawn circles around his nipples and a big smile across is bellybutton with a permanent purple marker. He was making the other two weirdos laugh by making his bellybutton sing. We were supposed to go swimming the next day! Luckily, Jonah had diarrhea and we couldn't go.

I never thought I would say, " luckily, Jonah had diarrhea".

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