May 10, 2011

"Sunshine Kisses"

Olivia has the cutest freckles that run across her cheeks and nose. They are such a cute feature. I can't imagine her without them. I didn't know until now, the kind of love hate relationship she has with them. Here is a poem she wrote just a couple of days ago and I thought it was cute, I just had to share her cuteness and her talent.

Sun Shine Kisses

"When I go outside the sun shines
always there
and it kisses my nose and cheeks
it leaves little golden kisses on my face
I never get to choose if I like them or not,
because sometimes, I feel beautiful
and then I feel ugly,
but my sun shine kisses can be as gold as sunlight
and I can feel beautiful
or they can be as brown as bark
and I can feel ugly"
-- Oliva Lark Chase


Inklings said...

Tell her I think she is very beautiful whether she has freckles or not!
My girls had freckles, too.

Holly said...

Fantastic writing. I adore little freckles. She is beautiful!

Dee Ice Hole said...

She's a doll freckles and all---AND---a pretty good little writer.

PsychDoctor said...

I like freckles...she is a deep thinker/writer for such a young kid

kstrack said...

What a thinker she is, and that is so great she can love them even part of the time. I absolutely hated my freckles for most of my life and now I have just accepted them as part of me, but I wish I could have learned to accept them when I was younger.

Inklings said...

I read a sign the other day that said, "A face without freckles is like a night without stars." :0)

The Chase Files said...

That's a great quote, Janet. I'll share it with Olivia. Thanks!

Laura said...

I'm reading "Anne of Green Gables" right now and her poem reminded me of that book! Maybe she'd like watching the show?

The Chase Files said...

Thanks, Laura. Good suggestion. I love Anne of Greene Gables and we're always looking for more books to read.