February 20, 2010

Catching Up Time

So I've neglected my blog again. It's just to easy to be lazy, but I've come to realize that I should be seeing this blog as an opportunity to write a journal, which I am even worse at, so I am going to try to make it a priority from now on. So here are tons pictures from the last couple of months:

Olivia was able to go to David Archuleta's Christmas concert at Abravanel Hall. This was her first concert, so she was super excited!
This was the best picture I could get of him.

The kids and I made Christmas tree cookies; Emmett ate them.

Jonah and I helped with gingerbread houses in Olivia's class.

Christmas Eve


Olivia's is daddy's best helper when it comes to stripping wire. She loves to do it!

My aunt let us use her house in Midway so that we could all hang out together before Adam went on his mission. It was really fun. Here is Olivia with Grandma.

Ethan and Jonah

We went to these ice castles while we were in Midway. They were pretty "cool".

Jonah and Cora had fun making everyone swing then as we walked back to the cars.

All the cuties at the Midway house. Ethan, Olivia, Jonah, Cora, Lucky, and aunt Emilee. The kids loved this house because it was much bigger than what they are used to and they could full on sprint down the halls.


Adam left to the MTC on February 3rd. He is going to Brazil. He is such as awesome brother and uncle. He is going to be so missed. We know he is going to rock as a missionary though.

Valentines Day

Flowers from my hubby!

Making valentine cookies.

Sorry about so many pictures. It's been two months.


Franklin and Lisa Spees said...

I love having a blog too... at some point I will turn it into a book (there are several services that do it for you). Such a great way to let distant friends and family keep up with the family activities and milestones. I have been following your blog for a while :)

By the way, where did you get those little frosting containers?? They look perfect for kids.

The Chase Files said...

May actually gave me the frosting containers. They are Pampered Chef. They worked best for the older kids. They seemed a little hard for my 4 year old to use.

Laura said...

Looks like you've done a lot of fun things in the last few months : ) you guys are sugar cookie decorating pros : )