September 18, 2009

Sassy Baby?

The other day my family jaunted through Gardener Village, just for fun. We went through all the stores one by one. I thought is was very fasinating that I could not get my husband to leave the store called "Sassy Baby". It was a very cute store. Emmett saw "the coolest baby blanket he has ever seen!" and wouldn't stop playing with the dinosaurs. I waited and waited for him. Then, we finally went to a store called "Just for Girls". He found a section of the store that sold note pads and sticky notes etc. with ladies from the fifties on them. They said really funny quotes and we, once again, all had to wait for him to leave; Even Olivia. When I asked him, "What is up with you?", he said, "You need to let me do my thing". Huh?
Just before we left Gardener Village, Emmett wanted to check out the quilting store. What husband WANTS to go to a quilting store? He's a funny one.

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