April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Thing!

Olivia just turned six. She is an old lady to me. She is so sweet and yet sooo sassy! She is very affectionate and loving toward us all. She bandages her brother's cuts and scrapes before I even find out about them. She gets into EVERYTHING she isn't supposed to and goes through about a pack of printer paper a week with her little drawings and surveys and score cards. She's funny and very smart. Her teacher say's she has Olivia help her with diciplining the other students in the class (teacher's pet?). She loves all the sappy singing sensations, like, David Archuleta and Liona Lewis. She loves Pocahontas and everthing to do with her. She is awsome! I don't kwow what I would do without my sweet daughter. If you ever want to know the truth about something, just ask Olivia. She'll tell you how it is.


Holly said...

Happy Birthday Olivia!

Briana Ward said...

Happy Birthday!!! How funny, Lorenzo's birthday was today too :) She is so cute!!!