December 23, 2008

My Little Rock Star!!!

On the 19th my mom's family (the Birds) had the yearly Christmas party. My aunt told us all the families to come with a "talent". So, since I have no talents I put it on my kids, because it wouldn't matter what they did, it would be cute. Olivia was my victim. She said she would sing one of the songs she sang for the Christmas Progam at school. Since the song she picked went to the tune of "I've Been Working On the Railroad", Emmett decided to accompany her on the guitar.
She sounded really good and was really brave. When the other kids at the party watched everyone perform they wanted to perform too. Even Ethan (my shy child) kept begging me to sing. I said, "what are you going to sing?" He says,"My song!" I say, What song?" He says, "It goes WHAAA A AA, UH UH UH!" I'm like "Oh great a hard rock thrasher song!" I say, "Ethan, I think you should think of a nicer song. Can you think of one?" I thought he was over it and I start to get things ready to leave. I thought the talent show was over when my aunt was showing us some really neat Christmas stuff she had got from another country. Then I hear, "Ethan wants to perform a suprise talent! I'm like,"NOOOOOOOO!!!!!" So, Ethan gets the mike and says,"This song is going to take either three, four, or five minutes. (So cute) And then, "A WHA AA A A, UH UH UH! Down with the sickness, down with the sickness! And then violently it changes, violently it changes!" and so on and so forth. Emmett and I were laughing so hard! He was rocking back and forth and of course he was wearing a black shirt with flames on it and black vans with flames on them. He looked like a little rock star! I actually got some most of this on my video camera. If I can figure it out, I'll put it on the blog. Livi's song too!

Sometimes I guess you just have to let your kids be who they are even it will embarrass you. I was really proud of him for being so brave. He knew what he wanted and he went for it! I wish I was more like him.

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Native Minnow said...

I want to see the videos.

Also, Merry Christmas!